This dark brown  amber honey comes from the variety of flowers that blossom in bushlands and remote areas in WA. The flavour varies depending on which species are blooming around the area where we have our beehives. The bees go out and collect the nectar along with pollen to carry back to the hive.  The wildflowers honey has a strong exotic flowery flavour, but this flavour can vary from batch to batch, making it difficult to get a definite flavour.  The flavour is unique to each person which will be apparent when you  indulge your senses with this unique and exotic honey.

WIldflowers honey is the best honey for cooking and baking, becuase of its floral flavours.

Wildflower honey is not only rich in anti-oxidants,  but it adds another layer of flavour to your baked goods as well.

Wild Flowers Honey