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Who are we and what we are about

Colmena Pure  Honey is a small local family owned and operated WA business, striving to deliver quality bee products to our customers, who rely on the purity of our honey to reap the nutritional and health benefits of raw honey.

We have an in-house  senior beekeeper in charge of looking after the beehives, during the cold, wet and hot seasons in WA. He also mentors and coaches our beekeepers' team in all aspects of ethical beekeeping.  Our beehives are spread across  WA included the Perth Hills and rural areas like: Gingin, Pinjarra, Pemberton, Nannup, Manjimup, Serpentine, Dwellingup among others.

Our honey is collected during the Honey’s flow season, extracted by hand through a centrifugation process, decanted and packed  ensuring all the natural properties remain intact. 

Colmena bee.png
Bees at Work
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Not long  ago we heard the news that we never wanted to hear, particularly us  beekeepers and  food producers; Varroa mite has reached our shores.

The Department of Primary Industries is working tirelessly to eradicate the mite and stop the spread, but  it is a collective responsibility to ensure our bees are healthy and free of viruses. Some people  still don't recognise the vital role bees play in pollination and think bees only make honey!! It is simple no bees no food!

How to help? Raise awareness in the community about this horrid mite and how it affects the bees. Keep supporting our local beekeepers by buying 100% Australian Honey

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