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The very popular Red Gum honey is on season now!!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Fresh, natural and extracted by hand!! get yours at the local farmers' markets!! bee natural, bee healthy, bee kind and support our local business!!

This week we collected the Red Gum honey from our hives up in the Perth Hills!!

The Red Gum honey is clear and golden rich in colour. It is considered one of the Australian active healing Honeys. It has a smooth and mild taste compared to the Jarrah honey.

How is Red Gum honey produced?

Our bees visit the creamy-white flowers of the Eucalyptus Camaldulenidtree (also known as the River Red Gum Tree) that is native to many parts of Australia included WA. The tree flowers every year from February to the end of March, and sometimes even beginning of April. if the flowers are abundant, they produce a lot of Nectar and Pollen, which keep the bees healthy and busy, as they store both pollen and nectar for when it is scarce.

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