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Jarrah Honey Properties and benefits to your body!!

Jarrah is an active Honey with amazing properties that are beneficial to the body!

Honey comes in different variants- some of which are healthier than regular honey.

One such variant is Jarrah Honey.

Jarrah honey not only is antimicrobial and antibacterial but also has antifungal properties.

Jarrah Honey has low glucose, yet high fructose content, it means it contains minimal sugar. it has also been found to contain more levels of prebiotics, probiotics and butyric acid, which helps with digestion.

  • Jarrah honey, when applied directly to conditions such as burns and scrapes, can help with healing.

  • Like most kinds of honey, Jarrah honey relieves sore throat.

  • Reduces the duration of diarrhoea.

  • Treats symptoms of cough and cold.

  • It can be used as skincare when applied directly to the skin.

Have a teaspoon of active Honey in warm water everyday to...Provide energy, Reduce allergies, Boost immunity, Detoxify your body, Improve digestion

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