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Bees out of the beehive?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

It is normal to see the bees out of the hive these days when the temperatures are high. When the bees get too hot, all production stops and the queen stops laying eggs, this is rare but can happen if the temperature is above 37 degrees.

The forager bees are out of the hive looking for pollen, nectar and water during the day, which helps keep the temperature down.

Some of the bees that stay in the hive will be put on wing beating duty . They will beat their wings to circulate air through the hive and reduce the temperature. When the forager bees bring water into the hive, the wing beating and water work together like and evaporative cooler to reduce the temperature.

Clever creatures!! they live and work in a community!! We humans have so much to learn form the hives!!

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